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VC Blog Post 9

5 keys for riveting Social Media Marketing approach

It’s January 2019, people are baffled to find that Burger King is liking their old tweets from 2009-10. And guess the people whose tweet Burger king was liking – they were mostly big-ticket celebrities on Twitter with a LOT of followers and a good engagement rate. Naturally, these influencers addressed the happenings on Twitter and most were under the impression that there may be a technical error, because why would a food giant suddenly like random old tweets? But this was far from any technical error. This activity put Burger King in the limelight, with a lot of celebs and influencers tweeting about them. In other words, Burger King gained

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VC Blog Post 12

Resorting to Retail Therapy amidst lockdown

Checking yet another top, shoe, gadget online? This may be your way of coping with Lockdown. Stockpiling is a way to control emotions. It helps you feel prepared and secured, and gives you a sense of control amidst all the uncertainty. This was evidently observed when people started panic buying for essentials immediately after the lockdown was announced. The study suggests that when anxious, our minds behave irrationally. And considering today’s times, we have numerous channels to induce anxiety. Every time you log in to social media account or switch on a news channel, all you see is the updates on increasing spread of the pandemic, the images of empty

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