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How We Work

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Know the buyers & their search habits

Everything in SEO is predicated on the idea that you know who your best potential customers are. Once we identify the right audience, we learn about their search habits and optimize your web pages.
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Optimize website & add new content

This includes restructuring some pages, adding internal links, and tweaking things like titles and meta descriptions. It could also involve developing inbound links that point to your pages and content.
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Maximize conversions from website visitors

Continuous optimization of the website, off-page submissions and thorough technical SEO is a definitive way to improve your rankings and monetizing the SEO efforts. That’s exactly what we do for you.

Why SEO?

SEO transcends mere keywords and search engines; at its core, it’s about connecting with people.

In the realm of online business growth, Search Engine Optimization stands as a linchpin. It’s the conduit through which your potential customers discover you. With Vikasita Connect as your trusted SEO service provider in Mumbai, we delve into the intricacies of search trends, dissecting the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how.’

Our approach hinges on comprehending and foreseeing the true intent behind every search query. We meticulously infuse the requisite keywords to craft content that not only ranks but, more importantly, converts. This synthesis of data-driven strategy and an unwavering focus on human engagement is what sets us apart in the realm of SEO.

How can we help?

Today’s consumers rely on search engines to find what they need, and you can rely on us to enhance your online presence.

Trust in Google, trust in us. Our approach prioritizes user-centric optimization, ensuring organic rankings.

As your SEO consultant in Mumbai, we craft customer-focused strategies to boost your visibility, attracting more visitors sooner.

Our SEO packages suit businesses of all sizes, offering tailored solutions. We’re not just a leading Mumbai SEO agency; our services extend nationally and globally.

We don’t just create backlinks; we build lasting relationships!”

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As one of the most professional SEO company in Mumbai, we offer most effective & efficient SEO service packages. We are always:

Simplify SEO Terms Instantly!

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SEO Jargon Simplified

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO!

The cost of SEO depends on the various factors including the experience and service of the person or agency. However, number of targeted keywords and keyword difficulty level of competition are important factors that determine SEO cost. Another factor that play a role in SEO cost is the industry of the client. If it is a very specific like speciality chemicals or machinery then that might increase the cost of SEO as you need specialised content writers for this as compared to SEO for a client in Fashion or Food. 

Considering broad and specific factors SEO cost from a good agency or experienced professional costs anywhere between Rs. 18,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per month.  

Yes, SEO is an ongoing, month-on-month process. It is divided primarily into the following stages:

First month: On-page SEO that covers various  aspects on the website and can be revisited on monthly or even quarterly basis depending on the nature of business or competition. 

Second month onwards: Off-page SEO that includes creating backlinks from portals other than the websites and technical SEO that includes correcting various technical issues like 404 errors, redirection errors on backend of the website. 

The 1st page of Google search result is very dynamic as everyone wants to show up there. You need to be on your toes and work on SEO on month of month basis to stay ahead of your competitors or else lose rankings to them. 

Time taken for keywords to get ranking on Google SERP depends on keyword difficulty level and your SEO efforts. Typically keywords that are long tail eg. ‘seo services for e-commerce website’ are specific in intent and low in competition, hence such keywords can rank sooner, say in 2 to 3 months. On the other hand keywords that are short tail eg. ‘e-commerce SEO’ are more general in intent and have a higher competition. So they  might take more than 6 months. 

The increase in organic traffic through SEO can be visible from second or third month onwards. If your SEO efforts are in the right direction then a significant increase will be visible by 6 months. 

A lot will depend on the kind of keywords that your chose and the kind of keywords ranking on Google SERP. If you have selected a short tail keyword with high average monthly searches and it starts ranking on Google, then you can see a significant spike in traffic through SEO. 

Over here you have to be mindful that rather than just traffic, relevant traffic should be your focus. For that right selection of keywords is recommended. 

You can safely assume that through organic traffic through SEO the chances of conversion is very high upto 80%. A compared to paid ads, SEO gets far more relevant traffic, because Google will show your website only for relevant searches. So, definitely the chances of sale through organic traffic are much higher. 

If you stop SEO within one year of starting it, then there are fair chances that the keyword ranking will start falling soon. This is because in one year’s time the keyword position would not have stabilised on Google SERP. If SEO is done for a longer time, then your website will keep appearing on keywords for a longer duration. 

A lot depends on the keyword competition in your sphere of business. If your competitors are also active with SEO, then they might takeover your website rankings and your website rankings might fall down sooner. However, if the competition is not that tough, then your website might keep ranking even for several years. 

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