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VC Blog Post 2

Facebook Lead Conversion is low? Here’s how to fix it!

Low Facebook lead conversion, it can be frustrating, but it’s not an uncommon challenge. Several factors could contribute to this issue. Let’s explore some potential reasons and solutions to improve your Facebook lead conversion rate. Experiment all type Conversion location- The conversion location is the place where your desired business

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VC Blog Post 4

5 Key Strategies for Acing Your Digital Marketing Game in Next 5 Months!

To excel in your digital marketing game before the year ends, consider implementing these five key strategies: Conduct a Comprehensive Audit: Review your current digital marketing efforts to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Conduct an audit of your website, social media accounts, email marketing, content strategy, SEO, and

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VC Blog Post 1

3 Essential Steps for Developing a Successful Approach to Search Marketing

In the current digital marketing environment, taking a comprehensive approach to search marketing is essential. By eliminating barriers between teams and identifying commonalities between paid and organic search, you can optimize your digital shelf space. Here are three essential steps for developing a successful comprehensive search approach. First: Comprehend the

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SEO Strategy

Buyer Persona and SEO Strategy

Defining a buyer persona is one of the most important steps toward an effective marketing strategy. After all, it is the buyer for which you are taking all the effort!   If you could identify your buyers precisely your marketing strategy would be effective and you will gain more for

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VC Blog Post 3

Search intent and your SEO strategy

  If you are choosing your SEO keyword list only on the basis of average search volume, you probably have not evolved along with the Google search algorithm. Ouch! That hurts! Yes, it does, but we have to say it for your own good. Google’s search engine has evolved a

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Top 5 Social Media Trends

Top 5 Social Media Trends to Bank Upon in 2023

The world of social media changes at the speed of light. The platforms are constantly evolving and so are the content trends and preferences. In this “never the same” scenario, we have managed to identify the top 5 trends you can bank upon for marketing your products and services in

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VC Blog Post 5

Does your website have thin content? Yes and No

There is a common debate in SEO circles about whether web pages should have lengthy content or be crisp and to the point.  If you look at today’s website structure and customers’ tastes, not much text is preferred on the website. However, the SEO team insists on adding content for

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5 Steps to succeed at Media Planning!

5 Steps to succeed at Media Planning!

In this digital age, media planning is very important as you need to be aware of where you want your ads to be placed for maximum visibility. Media planning is all about knowing which channels would bring the maximum ROI on the ads for your business. However, it’s easier said

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VC Blog Post 8

3 Common mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them!

21st century is all about the digital revolution and many businesses have realized the importance of going digital and the impact of digital marketing on their business. But going digital has its own challenges and implications and business owners are required to effectively tackle each one of them to ensure success

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VC Blog Post 9

5 keys for riveting Social Media Marketing approach

It’s January 2019, people are baffled to find that Burger King is liking their old tweets from 2009-10. And guess the people whose tweet Burger king was liking – they were mostly big-ticket celebrities on Twitter with a LOT of followers and a good engagement rate. Naturally, these influencers addressed

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VC Blog Post 14

How to approach marketing post COVID-19

The pandemic has struck us like lightning. It has affected the economy, the people, the businesses and of course our lifestyle. Everything related to the virus has been discussed, blogs have been written and when it comes to marketing, strategies have been revamped and refurbished. As we find ways to

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VC Blog Post 10

How to adapt to the changing search trends in India

The influence of the internet in India has been massive, reaching an average of 40 million new users every year — the fastest in the world. Low-cost smartphones, combined with affordable data packages, have propelled digital far beyond the big cities. The result — 400 million Indian consumers are now

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VC Blog Post 11

Go online or go home!

The expectation of 2020 as being the quintessential modern year has gone out the window. Our priorities have been realigned due to the pandemic and our focus has been completely shifted to what we consider as ‘essential’ things. Businesses, both big and small have taken a huge hit. While the

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VC Blog Post 12

Resorting to Retail Therapy amidst lockdown

Checking yet another top, shoe, gadget online? This may be your way of coping with Lockdown. Stockpiling is a way to control emotions. It helps you feel prepared and secured, and gives you a sense of control amidst all the uncertainty. This was evidently observed when people started panic buying

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VC Blog Post 13

How to handle Social Media during COVID-19

The world is under lockdown. There’s panic, there’s unrest and of course a lot of free time. You visit your favourite social media platform and are bombarded with posts that start with ‘in these uncertain times’ and end with ‘we are all in this together. Suddenly, social media looks monotonous.

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VC Blog Post 15

The easiest way to grow your business in this slow economy!

The economy is slow, there’s no denying that. At 5%, the Indian economy is currently at its slowest but the competition remains uninfluenced. In fact, it has become more difficult for businesses to thrive. Even well-established companies are struggling to keep up. But, a slow economy doesn’t have to be

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