Does your website have thin content? Yes and No

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There is a common debate in SEO circles about whether web pages should have lengthy content or be crisp and to the point. 

If you look at today’s website structure and customers’ tastes, not much text is preferred on the website. However, the SEO team insists on adding content for a healthy keyword density. 


So what is the way out? And does lesser content on your website really affect your SEO ranking? 


Well before we answer that, let’s understand what thin content really means and does it equate with lesser content. 


We know that thin literally means lesser in quantity. But, wait! 


It doesn’t mean lesser in quantity alone but lesser in quality as well. ?


Answering the question that if thin content really affects SEO rankings negatively, Google’s Lizzi Sassman said, that it’s hard to know without looking at the content. She further added that “it can be good to have a thorough article that deeply explores a topic, and it can be equally just as good to break it up into easier-to-understand topics. It really depends on the topic and the content on that page, and you know your audience best.

So I would focus on what’s most helpful to your users and that you’re providing sufficient value on each page for whatever the topic might be.”


So the conclusion that can be derived from this is, it won’t matter much if your content is lengthy or short. What really matters is, if your content is giving value to your target audience. 

A copied content or content written as a usual summary no matter if it is lengthy, won’t add value to your SEO efforts. On the other side, a piece of content that gives insight or valuable information to your targeted audience will help you in getting a better ranking. 

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