3 Common mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them!

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21st century is all about the digital revolution and many businesses have realized the importance of going digital and the impact of digital marketing on their business. But going digital has its own challenges and implications and business owners are required to effectively tackle each one of them to ensure success in the digital world.

However, there are some common mistakes, that even after ensuring proper care, businesses tend to make. These mistakes often go unnoticed and it can cause great damage to a brand’s digital journey.

We have listed some common and how you can avoid making them: 

Poor website design – 

Business owners tend to get intrigued by fancy designs – large sliding images, artistic elements, a wide range of colour combinations, etc. While this all looks good for an individual, but it might not be good from a business’s perspective.

Rather than a fascinating design, try to choose a theme that is clean, simple yet interesting and responsive that focuses primarily on your business, products, and services and direct your customers through your conversion funnel.

Ignoring Google advertising – 

Google Ads are expensive and they do not generate enough ROI for my business, which is what many businesses wrongly assume. For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses make an average of $7-$8 of revenue. Also, to start with Google Ads, you don’t need to invest a large amount. You can start with as little as Rs. 5000.

Thus, Google ads, when done efficiently, can give you the best ROI. When you are starting with Google advertising, it is best advised to hire an SEM agency in India to help you with all the activities related to Google advertising.

Ignoring SMS Marketing – 

“SMS marketing is dead”, we hear this from every business owner and it takes us always some efforts to make them understand the power of SMS marketing, even in this digital world. SMS’s are the most important channel in marketing. They have the highest delivery rate at the lowest cost. Other channels require your customers to have an internet connection and smartphone, whereas SMS can be sent on any type of phone and it does not require the internet.

When leveraged in the best way, SMS can bring miracles to your business. With a large number of business activities to perform, it is best suitable to hire an expert SMS marketing agency in Mumbai to carry out SMS marketing for your brand in a result-oriented way.

Apart from these, there are other mistakes too that a brand very often makes. However, these are some of the mistakes that a brand most commonly makes and, at the same time, cannot afford to make.

Get in touch with us to ensure that you don’t end up making these mistakes and begin a successful journey in the digital world.

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