Top 5 Social Media Trends to Bank Upon in 2023

Top 5 Social Media Trends

The world of social media changes at the speed of light. The platforms are constantly evolving and so are the content trends and preferences. In this “never the same” scenario, we have managed to identify the top 5 trends you can bank upon for marketing your products and services in 2023; Let’s read them out:

 Influencers but Micro:

While macro-influencers are very big in follower count, micro-influencers take the cake when it comes to engagement. With their relatively small audience base, micro-influencers engage better, are consistent and are also cheaper to collaborate with. You can partner with multiple micro-influencers to get good mileage for your brand vs. collaborating with 1 macro-influencer.  


E-Commerce but Social:

Modern buyers are researching brands everywhere before they make a decision and Facebook and Instagram decided to enable you to be where your buyers are and set up a shop there; So leverage it! Social Media Storefront will become one of the most used features on their respective platforms if they are not already. So pay close attention to how your brand is represented, foster interactions on your social pages, try to get and publish customer reviews and give your audience all it takes for them to make an informed decision and purchase quicker.


Reality but Augmented:

The filters you use in your photos have nothing but augmented reality effects. AR has made its way to the hearts of younger audiences as it gives them a chance to enhance their real-life visual content and make it stand out on social media. But augmented reality as a rising trend on social media doesn’t stop with fluffy bunny ears or cool sunglasses; It’s now being used to give users smarter and improved social shopping experiences. Marketers need to take note of AR’s increasing popularity and start working on implementing it in social outreach campaigns.


Ads on Social Media but Personalized:

It’s no news for a marketer that paid advertising works! More than half of the businesses are planning on dedicating a substantial marketing budget to paid promotions on social media. In the coming year, Instagram is surely going to be the most preferred social platform for paid advertising considering the recent rise in the number of platform users and trending video and graphic content. 

If your business growth plans are slightly different, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin are also there to do the trick for you. All you need to do is be creative when it comes to generating the content. Use social proof and user-generated content to stand out and improve your visibility and conversion rate. Leverage the concept of FOMO marketing and also exclusivity. 

So, you are now up to speed for 2023. Find out what works best for your brand the best and don’t spread yourself too thin. Decide on your strategy before the year ends and for everything else, we are here for you. 

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